Toyota Recalls All Hybrid Vehicles For Inflated Egos

TOKYO– Toyota announced it is recalling all Prius and hybrid vehicles worldwide to fix over inflated egos. In a latest string of revealed safefty lapses, this is the worst.

“Toyota has created a false sense of being,” said Ford executive, Frank Hummer. “Their hybrid products have created an unsafe culture of green pandering and higher ego.”

Hybrids causing faulty egos?

With the announcement, the globally recalled numbers increased from millions to all vehicles. The Toyota FJ Cruiser was not part of this recall as it is a discontinued product line.

“The FJ is a jeep like vehicle,” said Toyota engineer Brace Yakamoto. “It is fuel inefficient and a 4×4, Toyota is moving toward hybrids and the green religion.”

Toyota explained that the ego is a psychic apparatus that tunes to the human brain mechanism when owning one of their hybrid vehicles. Many Prius owners in Seattle Washington, a mecca for green power and social change, disagree.

“I don’t know where the ego is in my green car,” said Dante ‘Green’ Bickles at an organic vegan cafe on capitol hill. “It is our responsiblity to save the earth. All other cars are gas guzzling eco terrorists.”

“If I coast my Prius at 20mph in the fast lane, I’ll get 99.9 miles per gallon.” replied Trisha Treebeard, over hearing Bickles. “I haven’t had to fill my car since November 2009.”

Seattle area Prius dealerships continue to sell hybrids despite the ego recall.

“It’s in high demand, despite any ego problems,” said Ned Hillsbury, owner of Hillsbury Green Motors. “There isnt an ego problem, there’s an eco problem.”

Treebeard and Bickles agreed with the dealership’s statement. Holding protest signs outside the organic cafe, they stopped to say a few last words about the ego problem.

“We just found out this cafe serves organic coffee, but it doesn’t use fair trade coffee,” cried Treebeard. “This capitalistic madness must stop and our fuel-sippers are the new green army.” [tweetmeme source=”theminesoforme”]

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